Sunday, July 4, 2010

State of MR

Dear MR

It takes some serious guts to mention your name and talk of anything derogatory. Surely the fear of repercussions exists,especially in sightings of a white van or breathing ones last breath.

Despite all that, I must congratulate you on your second term. You emerged truly victorious in the most closely contested elections in my times, but the results proved that there was no match to your Goliath image that is incarcerated in the masses minds.

You should be credited for the air of peace thats surrounds this nation, that was deprived for decades. You stood steadfast despite all the backlash received home and away in rooting out terrorism from this country.

All is well, if this country is reconciling with all the races and mending fences- forgetting all the differences and stand united at all times. Full of praise, but Sri Lanka is heading towards rough seas again with its mishandling of foreign affairs. The recent events will trigger a rippling effect on the economy and people. In reaping the dividends of peace, one most not forget the jealousy that arises from other nations. This doesn't necessarily mean we had to lash out at all the missiles thats fired at Sri Lanka. You are quite aware of the ghosts of LTTE lingering in foreign lobbies, and its after effects victims shouldn't be the people of Sri Lanka. Imagine the loss of GSP = Billions of dollars lost in foreign exchange, closure of enterprises, unemployment, etc.

With your government blowing different trumpets, surely will not help this country and having puppets like Wimal Weerawansa -add icing to the cake. If we resent to closing the UN, then close down all affiliated agencies like ILO, WHO, UNICEF who have worked tirelessly when Sri Lanka was doomed. Further Sri Lanka should bring back its peace keeping troops from UN. Now how is that for a shot in ones own head.

When we talk of the US government, its no secret about a certain lobby that controls the Whitehouse. Obama is a different man now, not the change agent the US and world aspired for. Similarly , the UN stands as the puppets of certain lobbies, and Ban ki moon doesn't represent UN or the Security Councils views for obvious reasons. How about committees for the War in Iraq, Afghanistan or Israeil's merciless occupation? Hope this sends a fish stink in the UN's cauldron.

With all the wisdom you have in being the executive president, your decisions in the coming days will decide the destiny of this country. Your aspiration for a third term and siblings reign of power will have a torpedo effect in shaping Sri Lanka for the next decade.

A Citizen

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Truth Hurts

Dear SF,

Sri Lanka is indeed undergoing a moment that was never witnessed in decades, the moment of freedom and air of unity wrapped with hope of reconciling with the injustices caused in the past. Thanks to you and MR.

First of all, congratulations, in being appointed as an MP. After all this, is quite a remarkable feat ;despite being imprisoned and yet without any self campaigning. You continue to make history time after time with all the things that seem raging against you and lets hope its for the best.

Your entry to politics was indeed dramatic and there was ample hype to propel you into the limelight. Your heroics as a soldier was something that the masses felt the glimmer of hope that this country would be salvaged from the monster in the making.

But despite all this, the post election events sent some terrifying shock waves. Your lack of experience in politics and background injected some high octane fuel to the state machinery in the painting a terrorist in you. We still need to see the truth in all the accusations ranging for meddling with the "arms" procurement, defying the state while in uniform, etc.

Nevertheless , am beginning to rethink in the unconditional support we extended in the runup to the election. Seems like you have have messed up the word we call as "strategy". When you portrayed as the soldier rising as the upcoming politician, MR displayed himself as the Father of the nation, when you condemned international borrowings, MR counter attacked it as for the development of the nation. You were not willing to listen to your allies and they seemed pretty isolated when you were laying eggs with JVP. You should have been conscious that the JVP was in dire straits trying to revive a dying ideology that Sri Lankans were diminishing its support.

Your son-in-law is missing and if he is not guilty, then there is no reason he should go underground. We heard your initial complaints about the poor facilities provided to you and you wife was the hottest topic over in reading out your woes. True, for a character such as you, this was surely a step motherly treatment.

Trust me, Sri Lankans had enough of it. Your complaints time after time is not what people supported you for. Its was not about a lifeline in luxury and rights a vote against the Swan meant. The brunt of the deadly and bloody was borne by everyone or the other including you- after all, it was a vote for uniting Sri Lanka ad striking out the forces that were robbing the nation of its resources. When there was no alternative: MR scored and while you lost.

Forget the manipulation of election results, feel the pulse of the ordinary man. He will tell you the actual story. He strives to live and survive another day.

Your fellow country men.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cardboard Patriot

Dear Wimal,

How are you doing lately? We (The Sri Lankan masses) haven't heard you in a while. The last time I wrote about Sanath Jayasuriya resulted in the whole Cricket Selection Committee being sacked by the minister, and I am pretty sure I wasn't the cause of it. So, I presume - something bad would befall you, though I don't hope ( I know I am being sarcastic, but you are one yourself so you shouldn't mind it).

I have never been a fan of you , neither I recall anything that lives up to be admired. You should be proud despite the mammoth number of haters, you still top the list in the preferential votes. That indicates, you are a simply a hit among God knows who. I have come across supporters of various candidates, including Meryin Silva but, minus you.

I find it hard to fathom your popularity that has resulted in resounding numbers. You tell us that you arer the patriot among patriots, but you don't speak English and defend this country when the likes of Milliband and Bankimoon are breathing fire on us( unless they understand sanskrit ). You only bring sacks of money to public or flash a secret agreement at press conferences. Plus, I haven't seen any road opening s or foundations stones laid by you. I remember in the heated runup to the election, there was a cutout majestically displayed by one of the payment hawkers of Fort. I don't see him or the cutout - or is he living in your house or outside your gate, going about his business after Gotabaya shoved them away?

All we know is your fetish liking towards mobile phones and keeping your hair jet black and wet that most women would envy. Its funny democracy produces eminent individuals with impeccable character and patriotism. With your flamboyant show, you get a ministerial position in which I deserve too because I am as equally patriot as you are.

Then again,our history needs individuals such as you because; if MR is hailed for providing political leadership in the eradication of terrorism, SF for leading the military to shred the world's most deadliest terrorist , Ranil for loosing the most number of elections, then you for bullshitting and getting elected in Parliament.

With all the blessing you need to be a good minister. Don't shoot your rubber bullets towards Britain and then pose with the British guards.

In early days marketing: "you can sell a refrigerator to an eskimo" . You have proved rightfully so.


Tuan Fawaz ( An immigrant but still a patriot )

You seem to have not shed your rebellious instincts. Planning to surround the United Nations office and hold hostages? With your past record, not only will you dare not walk a step towards the UN , nor will you hold a placard in protest! Maubima Pacha Ayuda

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enough is Enough

Dear Sanath,

I thought I must write this, not because I am jobless, but concerned about the deteriorating standards of morals and ethics in our country where everyone proudly flash. You are are truly the greatest sportsman ever this country has produced, of immense caliber, charisma, talent and wide appeal. You unleashed fear among bowlers and frustrated captains with your ruthless attitude towards the incoming ball. You served the country with pride, displayed humility and patience even when your opponents tried to bring hatred in you, calling you a "black monkey'.

But, its seems your not willing to step down, even at this ripe old age. Its obvious you are completely out of touch and it is a clear dissension among you and the team. Understandably the rest is find it difficult to contemplate the fact that a powerful source of greed and arrogance has gripped the team and the chambers of cricket rulers.

You say that the people of Sri Lanka wants you to play the 2011 World Cup, I would like to know how did you conclude to such an aspiration? You are quite aware, that Sri Lanka cricket has some top notch replacements that all geared up and ready to even threaten the existing squad. So tone done your selfishness, stop being a politician and step down with grace (if at all its remaining)!!

"Old Wine tastes better"-not this time, this is 2010, the world has evolved and its continuing to evolve.


Tuan Fawaz
(Your once upon a time fan)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Zer077 Only looks. No more flavour. Part 2 : some flavour

"....the Sri Lankan armed forces are fighting pitched battles in the war ravaged lands occupied by terrorists in a bid to eliminate the enemy, hoping to see an end to the bloody conflict that has claimed thousands of lives...."

So thats the subject matter thats hitting headlines these days in prime time news across all local channels. Little do we realize that another battle continues to rage in the telecommunication platform, where each operator is throwing all its reserve energy just to see the light of the day, while some are left gasping for oxygen strangled in the intoxication caused with the emissions of CO2 in the battle field.

Airtel had a terrific entry to the arena, with a splendid burst campaign that touched across all media. The commercial proved to be an astonishing success with crowds flocking in numbers to get their hands on the sim, while keeping its product in suspense. Spending a whooping 3millionUSD for the burst, reflected that Airtel meant serious business, and the masses had little chance to avoid the noise. 100% awareness was the prime objective, and no doubt it was achieved.

Dialog fired all what it had in its ammunition, just to end up being copper and proved futile to the Airtel juggernaut. The counter campaigns displayed sheer desperation and showed obvious signs of loosing steam with negative financial figures in its financial performance, left severely bleeding in a street battle . Dialog apparently was the only operator who was bold and confident enough to take the bull by its horns, while others were playing the waiting game.

Sangakkara's "Simple Plan" seemed to have amused the audience in a big way, infact shocked audience about the switching of endorsing Hutch to Airtel. The campaign did carefully highlight the switching of his preference, but the public was not impressed. No brand ambassador in our times would have got such a severe bashing on his "simple plan" effect , which even resulted him portrayed nude in certain circulations.

Despite Airtel's big bang, the post experience seem to have been disastrous. Its becoming more obvious that Airtel is getting increasingly strangled for any air and left crying foul over other operator's actions. Little does Airtel realize that the Sri Lankan terrain is totally different to the Indian, where competition is matter of life and death for some. Consumers were left disappointed with the product offerings, that were way below any standard offered by the existing players.

Interestingly Tigo seem to have taken Airtel for a dizzy ride, openly bashing its weakness in coverage and value. The counter campaigns seem to taking a heavy toll Airtel, which is left to remain silent and be satisfied as operator no.5

Summary: Sri Lankans will be Sri Lankans. Price dont win battles.

Zer077 Only looks. No more flavour

The mobile industry in Sri Lanka witnessed some extraordinary feats by the mobile operators.

*The 1st honour would no doubt go to Dialog,in emerging as the last entrant to the market and zooming to be No.1 and continuing uptodate.

*Next would be Year 2007 again Dialog extending its domination and spreading its wings to multiple businesses threatening the other existing service providers; friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends.

*Year 2007 saw the re-emergence of Celltell as Tigo with a full bang and surprised all. The energy and vibrance continues till today where its seen as one of the most successful rebranding exercise Sri Lanka has seen.

*Year 2008 saw the Powerful Giant Dialog slowly showing its creaks with its market share and profitability dwindling and some its best foot soldiers migrating to enemy terrain.

*Year 2008 also the outburst of Mobitel, new technology, new products; taking Dialog headon and challenging the pole position with cut throat competition, backed by pro-government sentiments.

*Year 2008 will also be remembered for the great anticipation of Airtel's launch which triggered intense competition among the existing Dialog, Mobitel , Tigo and Hutch

2009 will be history again with answers for these:
Will the mobile industry see Airtel loose its ground trying to enter the local arena?as seen so far..
Will Dialog reinforce and protect territory to continue domination?
Will Airtel kill its current competitors and rise among the numbers?
Will Hutch survive with its current firepower?

Lets keep our hands crossed and see whose ammunition causes more damage....